Arhaan Finance

We set the standard for collateral-backed loans to the diamond and jewelry industry.

When you need to turn your diamonds, watches, jewelry or gold into immediate capital, traditional sources of lending such as banks, pawnshops, and personal bridge loans take time, infringe on your privacy, and are impersonal. In minutes, we provide you with discrete, asset-backed funds on your terms. We can also assist you in selling your assets using our extensive list of diamond and jewelry contacts woldwide which we have established over the past 40+ years.


Get what you need, as soon as you need it. Owl's expertise in providing money for your assets and dedication to service means you receive same day funding.


Providing funds for collateral is a careful exchange. We understand the nuances of discretion, and stand ready to work with you on your terms.


We are not a bank. Turning your assets into much needed capital with Owl is trusting, tailored, and personal. We put the person before the transaction. 

With vast years of experience in the diamond industry and being located in the Antwerp, We understand the constraints and opportunities you face

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